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Bulk Order Terms and Conditions:

TURNAROUND TIME: Our average turnaround is 2 weeks on apparel items, after quote approval (these exclude shipping times).

RE-ORDER PRICING: Please note that if you need to place a re-order you will be billed as a new order, so if you have bulk pricing, you will not receive the same per-piece pricing unless you order the same amount. Due to this, we suggest ordering a few more than you need.

SPOILAGE RATE:(FastStitch PROVIDED ITEMS) Sometimes mistakes happen or a garment shows up with a hole in it. Due to this, we retain the margin of error at 3% which means you may receive your order with a shortage. If you need EXACT quantities, it may possibly add 3 days to your production time. If some items are messed up, you will be refunded for those items. We won’t bill you for something you don’t receive.

SPOILAGE RATE: (CUSTOMER PROVIDED ITEMS)  We retain the margin of error at 3% for customer provided items. If products are damaged you will not be charged for the service. Damaged items will be returned to the customer.

RUSH ORDER SHORTAGE: We cannot guarantee exact quantities on rush orders. If an item is messed up, there isn’t enough time to order the extras and still print in time, so you will be refunded the items you are short.

PRODUCT PROOFS: Due to the nature of apparel printing sizes depicted on the visual proofs are approximate. We strive for accuracy, but slight variations may occur. Please refer to the logo dimensions listed on your invoice for the exact design size. By agreeing, you accept variations between the proof and the final product.

DESIGN PLACEMENT: Due to the fact we use human employees and we are printing on a movable, stretchable surface, the print could be slightly shifted to a half inch (.5″) in any direction.

RESTOCKING FEE: All custom-ordered blanks are subject to a 20% or $25 (whichever is greater) restocking charge, in addition to both outbound and return freight costs if the order is canceled before decoration.

REFUNDS or EXCHANGES: Since all items are customized we do not offer refunds or exchanges unless there was a clear error on our part during printing. We do not offer exchanges for sizing and dissatisfaction with colors.

COLOR DIFFERENCES: Due to monitor adjustments, the proofs you receive and the actual product you receive may vary slightly in color. We aren’t responsible for color mismatching due to this.

Specialty Print Washing Instructions: When caring for garments printed with specialty inks (puff, glitter, discharge, foil) we recommend the following- Do not dry clean, wash inside out in cold or warm water, do not tumble dry, use mild detergent NO fabric softener, do not iron on print.

ABANDONED PROPERTY: If a customer fails to pick up an order within 6 months days of the completion date, FastStitch will consider the property abandoned and has the right to sell, dispose of, or use any such products in any way it chooses.

Term And Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Graphic Design Terms and Conditions:


Default Ownership: FastStitch retains the copyright and all intellectual property rights to all graphic design artwork created by FastStitch, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, logos, illustrations, icons, typography, and other creative elements.

Client Rights: The client receives the non-exclusive right to use the commissioned design work for the intended purpose and in accordance with the terms of the specific project agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, using the artwork for marketing, advertising, and promotional materials made by FastStitch.

Transfer of Copyright: The client may purchase the full copyright and intellectual property rights to the graphic design artwork for an additional fee. 

Term And Conditions are subject to change without notice. 

Merch Store Terms and Conditions:

All merch stores are setup as a preorder sale, this means we print everything after the store close date. Once the store closes, all sales are final. We do not accept any returns or

Merch Store Fundraising:
If you have requested a fundraising amount to be added to your items, the original apparel cost will be in the customer notes, and the line item price will be the cost plus the fundraising amount.

Please pay attention to the dates in the top right corner.
Created Date: This is when your store will turn off
Customer due date: This is when the items will be ready for pickup/shipping out

Available sizing:
A (1) in the size column indicates the size available online.
Please note that 2XL and above will have a slightly higher price.

Required Minimums:
All screen printed and heat transfer items will require 12 pieces to be sold per design and design size. If the 12-piece minimum is not met a bulk order CAN be placed to fill the remaining amount and be run with the online order OR the customer’s money will be refunded for those items. Embroidered items do not have a minimum.

If a bulk order is requested a quote will be generated at and a approval will be sent for the remaining items.

The total quantity and outstanding balance are not relevant for online stores, please disregard it as this is not a agreement to order items.
No further changes can be made once the store is created.

Term And Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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